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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seal

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Seals Are Essential Components In Fluid Power Systems, Used To Prevent The Leakage Of Fluid Between Components In Hydraulic And Pneumatic Applications. Both Types Of Seals Serve Similar Purposes But Are Designed To Accommodate The Specific Characteristics And Requirements Of Hydraulic And Pneumatic Systems.

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Seals Are Sealing Components Used For Applications With Rotary Or Reciprocating Motions, They Are Commonly Found In Cylinders. Hydraulics Is Liquid And Pneumatics Is Gas.

Hydraulic Seals Are Generally Made From Elastomers, Natural And Synthetic Polymers, Which Possess Weak Molecular Attraction And Highly Elastic Properties. Two Major Sources For hydraulic Seals Are Rubber And Plastics (including PTFE, Such As Teflon, And Polyurethane).

Hydraulic Seals, In Which We Manufacture, Are Taking Over The Market For Being Defined By All The Desired Attributes Such As Compactness, Durability, Strength, Tear Resistance, Etc. These Seals Are Available In A Range Of Sizes, Dimensions, And Shapes. And They Are Specially Fabricated For The Dual-action Pistons Sealing Application. 

Some Particular Types Of hydraulic Seals (e.g. Bonded Seals) Are Made From Metallic Materials (including Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, And Stainless Steel). All Of The Metal Materials Used To Create Seals May Be Plated Or Galvanized For Added Oxidation Protection And Strength. The Adhesion Between The Rubber Material And Metal Of A Bonded Seal Is Created Via Chemical Bonding.