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Chevron Packing

Chevron Packing, Also Known As Chevron Seals Or V-ring Packing, Is A Type Of Sealing Arrangement Commonly Used In Hydraulic And Pneumatic Applications To Prevent The Leakage Of Fluids Or Gases. The Design Of Chevron Packing Allows For Effective Sealing, Even In Dynamic Applications Where There Is Relative Motion Between Components.

Key Features And Characteristics Of Chevron Packing:


Chevron Packing Typically Consists Of Multiple V-shaped Rings Or Chevrons Stacked Together. The V-shape Gives It A Distinctive Appearance, Resembling The Letter "V."


Chevron Packing Is Made From Various Materials, Including Rubber, Polyurethane, Or Other Elastomers. The Material Choice Depends On Factors Such As The Type Of Fluid, Temperature, And The Specific Application Requirements.

Dynamic Sealing:

Designed For Dynamic Sealing Applications Where There Is Reciprocating Or Rotating Motion Between Components, Such As Hydraulic Cylinders Or Pistons.


Chevron Packing Is Adaptable To Axial, Radial, And Oscillating Movements, Making It Suitable For A Range Of Motion Types.

Sealing Effectiveness:

The V-shaped Rings Create A Sealing Effect By Maintaining Contact With The Moving Shaft Or Rod. The Fluid Pressure Helps Press The Chevron Seals Against The Shaft, Enhancing The Sealing Capability.


Chevron Packing Has A Self-adjusting Feature, Allowing It To Compensate For Wear And Maintain Effective Sealing Over Time. As Wear Occurs, The V-shaped Rings Can Adjust To Maintain Contact With The Shaft.


Chevron Packing Is Typically Installed In A Specific Direction, With The Open Side Of The V Facing The Direction Of The Fluid Pressure. This Design Optimizes The Sealing Effect.

Variety Of Sizes:

Available In Various Sizes To Accommodate Different Shaft Diameters And Applications.

Applications Of Chevron Packing:

Hydraulic Cylinders:

Used In Hydraulic Cylinders To Prevent Leakage Of Hydraulic Fluid, Especially In Applications Where The Cylinder Undergoes Reciprocating Motion.

Pneumatic Cylinders:

Employed In Pneumatic Cylinders To Provide A Reliable Seal In Dynamic Conditions.

Rotary Seals:

Suitable For Rotary Shaft Applications Where Effective Sealing Is Required During Rotational Motion.

Mining And Construction Equipment:

Used In Various Heavy Machinery And Equipment In The Mining And Construction Industries.

Oil And Gas Industry:

Applied In Hydraulic And Pneumatic Systems Within The Oil And Gas Sector.

Automotive Applications:

Utilized In Certain Automotive Components, Such As Hydraulic Brake Systems.

General Machinery:

Found In A Wide Range Of Machinery And Equipment Where Dynamic Sealing Is Essential.